Making Money Using Money Matrix

Making money can be an organized or a haphazard process. This article will guide you on how to modify the process of your income.

How Money Is Made:money

The money is being made by exchange. One individual has a certain product or service that wanted to be exchanged with money, while the other the amount of money and is willing to have it exchanged with a service or product. The exchange will take place with these two individuals will have the agreement in regards to, the warranty, price and delivery.

The Two Models For Exchange:

There are two ways for a sale or exchange to take its place. These can be a passive or an active model. A business model can either be active or passive. To the point of leverage is indeed crucial to comprehend.

An example of a passive model, is when a building or store has some shelves that are stocked and then the doors are left open. Then, you will wait for someone that will get, find some products that will fit to the person’s need that is worth its money and have some purchase. It may be wondered how someone can earn or make a living through this. Yet, the store owners, investors and the store itself will survive if the store’s natural traffic is enough (products attract customer, acceptable prices and helpful clerks).

The passive model is like a ‘sales trap’. Where you put some mouse trap, wait some moments and bait, as you are waiting for someone to bite on the merchandise.  Yet, in doing the active model, there are steps to follow in bringing them, instead of simply waiting for the prospects. An example of an active model is like there is a certain art dealer that has just obtained a very new artwork or painting from an artist that is moderately known. Then, this dealer will check the list of prospects and prospects and their possible interest in such artwork,  it is like checking  rice cooker reviews. This dealer may get their contact, invite them one by one in private, to show to them the artwork or painting.



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